Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kampala - an African San Francisco?

Kampala is comprised of seven hills, which makes me think of San Francisco. These are some pictures I took in the very early (yes - I am still very jet lagged!) morning of the city.


heather said...

Amazing, Cath!! I love your travel blog and your observations!! Can't wait to hear your stories!! I messed up with the arangatangs... it is the silver back gorrillas in Uganda!! Love you - miss you! heather

Catherine said...

Thanks hottie!
I love that you "follow" my blog, ha ha. I know, I wish I could go see the gorillas :( I am going to do an excursion, which will of course be documented on the blog, Saturday, so that will be fun!
xoxox - me

Judy S. said...

Hi There! Um, I think Seattle also had 7 hills....several were washed into the Sound to make way for "progress" many years ago. I'm sure the weather in Kampala is nothing like it is here though. Do you think we'll ever have spring?